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How to Prepare for Camila Cabello’s BBMAs Slayage

Camilizers, there ain’t no crying in the club, but you should probably get your tissues ready for all the feelings you’re bound to experience this weekend. Camila Cabello is performing her brand new single “Crying in the Club” at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, plus delivering an encore performance of her song “I Have Questions” exclusively for Xfinity X1 customers. It’s. All. Happening.

Camila is busy preparing for the BBMAs, but are YOU prepared for all her BBMAs slayage?! Hold on to your wigs, Camilizers, because your princess is about to own the BBMAs stage.

Our inside BBMAs sources tell us Camila’s “Crying in the Club” performance rehearsal at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was flawless, spectacular and awe-inspiring, saying we can expect fire, dancers and THE LOSS OF OUR WIGS FOREVER.

Plus, her encore performance of “I Have Questions” will be emotional, heavenly and downright breathtaking.

So, how can you prepare for all things Camila going down at the BBMAs? Here are five easy steps to help you get ready for Camila’s BBMAs slayage. You’re welcome.


Watch the “Crying in the Club” music video at least 20 more times

In honor of Camila’s 20 years of bringing joy to this planet, of course.


Look at this preview of Camila’s “I Have Questions” encore performance on XFINITY and imagine ALL THE EMOTIONS YOU’RE GOING TO FEEL


Examine this tweet and hypothesize what it might mean for Camila’s BBMAs performance


Ask yourself “AM I READY FOR SUNDAY THO?!”


Finally, look at this cute photo we took of Camila backstage at her BBMAs rehearsal

And remember that not only do we all love Camila for her stellar talent and superb creative vision, but also her amazing personality and endlessly kind heart.

Watch Camila Cabello perform on the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 21 on ABC, plus catch an encore performance exclusively on XFINITY.

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