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Drake Was Definitely the King of the 2017 BBMAs

In 2012, Adele set the record for the most wins in one night with her 12 BBMAs. Tonight, Drake scored 13 wins out of his 22 nominations, including Top Artist, Top Male Artist and Top 200 Album to become the most-awarded artist in one night. Talk about More Life!


After winning the night’s big honor, Top Artist (and the final, 13th win) his squad got up and bowed down to the new king.


(Even though we all know the real king of the night was Drake’s dad.)

Earlier in the night, the rapper dominated the Fountains at Bellagio with an explosive performance of “Gyalchester.” You should definitely catch this one on the replay if you missed it.


Here is the full-list of Drake’s 2017 Billboard Music Awards wins:

Top Artist

Top Male Artist

Top Billboard 200 Album

Top Billboard 200 Artist

Top Hot 100 Artist

Top Song Sales Artist

Top Streaming Songs Artist

Top Rap Artist

Top Rap Tour

Top Rap Album

Top Streaming Song (Audio)

Top R&B Song

Top R&B Collaboration

Drake’s big night earned many congratulatory tweets from fans and other artists.

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