These Tweets From Your Faves Prove Celine Dion Is A Legend | Billboard Music Awards
April 29
Wed - April 29

These Tweets From Your Faves Prove Celine Dion Is A Legend

By now we are sure you have already heard that Céline Dion is performing at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the world’s favorite and most iconic movies, Titanic. We all remember how Céline saaaaaang the life out of “My Heart Will Go On,” right? Good, because she’s going to me bringing it back to life for all of us.

Having Céline Dion perform on your show is like having Oprah speak at your graduation ceremony. We know because last year Céline blessed us with a show-stopping performance that left us in tears. But we’re not the only ones that understand Céline’s legend status.

Straight up fan-girling, courtesy of Sia.

Katy Perry making sure music Céline comes before fashion Céline.

Alessia Cara knows the benchmark of powerhouse vocalist.

Not even Justin Bieber can escape the aura that is Céline Dion.

And Ariana Grande is just a flat-out superfan.

And with a voice like this, there’s no wonder this woman has sold more than 52 million albums, which ranks fifth all-time since tracking began in 1991.

Let’s rewind the clock back to 1997 and feel ALL the feels this beautiful ballad imparts. Does anyone else get chills?

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