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MAY 20

Which Britney Spears Hit Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Britney Spears is receiving this year’s Millennium Award and performing at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22 in Las Vegas!

Last year, Britney performed “Pretty Girls” on the BBMAs with Iggy Azalea. This year, she’ll take the stage to sing a medley of her greatest hits.

We can’t reveal which hits Britney will perform at the 2016 BBMAs, but she definitely has a lot of songs to choose from! Britney had her first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1999 with “…Baby One More Time” and she’s been topping the charts ever since.

In honor of Britney’s BBMAs medley performance, we did some serious research, looked to the stars and answered one important question…

Which Britney Spears Hit Is Your Zodiac Sign? Find out below.

Gemini – “I’m A Slave 4 U”

gem3 Vevo

You’re youthful and full of fun, but can come off a little shy at first. However, when you feel like talkin’ and feel like dancin’, you know how to let lose. Get it, get it!

Cancer – “… Baby One More Time”

canceroops Vevo

You’re intuitive and imaginative, but your loneliness is killing you. You know you need to let your baby go, but we both know you probably won’t. Listen up: This is your sign! It’s time to move on.

Leo – “Circus”

circus Vevo

All eyes on you in the center of the ring! You’re a natural entertainer and love being the center of attention. Haters can hate, but some people are just born to be leaders!

Virgo  – “Lucky”

lucky1 Vevo

You tend to worry a lot and can be a little shy. Is there really something missing in your life or you just being overcritical? Wipe those tears away! Remember: You’re responsible for your own happiness.

Libra – “Oops! I Did It Again”

oops2 Vevo

You’re so romantic and charming that it’s easy for you to get lost in the game of love. However, you’re not that innocent. You’re indecisive, always changing you’re mind and often playing with people’s hearts. “Oops” won’t cut it forever.

Scorpio – “Hold It Against Me”

holdit2 Vevo

You’re passionate and exciting. People are often drawn in to your magnetic personality. You’re truly a force to be reckoned with. You’re powerful, determined and not afraid to ask for what you want.

Sagittarius – “Till the World Ends”

tiltheworldends Vevo

You’re optimistic and carefree. You’re just living your life and letting it happen, but you can be a little irresponsible sometimes. However, you know road bumps aren’t the end of the world. Keep on dancing and rocking that positive attitude!

Capricorn – “Womanizer”

capwoman Vevo

You’re practical and call things like you see them, but you can also be pessimistic. Are you quick to judge others or discount love? Maybe! However, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry!

Aquarius – “Stronger”

Aquarius Vevo

Loneliness? What loneliness? You are independent and have no time to mope or feel defeated by any problem that’s thrown your way. You’re stronger than yesterday and nothing can hold you down.

Pisces – “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

Pisces Vevo

When it comes to relationships, you often live in a fantasy world and imagine things are better than they are. Remember: You can’t change people or turn someone in to someone they’re not. In your heart, you know when someone is driving you crazy, but you’re often already in too deep. It’s never too late to get out and start over.

Aries – “3”

Aries Vevo

You’re adventurous, energetic and impulsive. You’re always up for trying something new, and who says that’s a bad thing?

Taurus – “Toxic”

Taurus Vevo

You just might be the person Britney’s singing about. You’re loving and pull people in with your big heart. They become addicted and can’t get enough of you! However, you easily get jealous and possessive. Your love can be toxic.

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